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A suggestion for an all-in-one process to reduce cost related to the operations and maintenance of the Georgian Armed Forces facilities with the possibility to transfer funds to training, equipment and supplies. Hence, the capabilities of the Georgian Armed Forces will be improved and international relations and presence will be increased through a new state of the art facilities management concept.

​Analysing budget and spend analyses in public and private organisations, including defence forces, show, that the cost of running and maintaining buildings and facilities (facilities management costs), as an average, comprise 20 % of the total spend.

This cost can be difficult to identify, as the facilities management processes in most organisations are spread at many different units and corresponding differences in accounting as well as difficulties in registering the cost of labour related to facilities services.

A strategic approach to facilities services with a single service provider and a centralised facilities management model will – based on our experiences from public and private organisations including defence forces – reduce the facilities management cost by 30-35 % through improved utilisation and professionalism.

We offer to execute this project enabling Georgia to

  • transfer funds training, equipment and supplies
  • increase international relations and presence
  • implement a state of the art organisational model

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